Trade Events/Promotions


Global trade fair organization AUMA (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) has a very comprehensive global trade fair database which you may find helpful while considering different options for promotion of your goods or service. The AUMA database

✔  Lists over 5,000 trade fairs around the world

✔  Allows you to search by country, industry, time of year

✔  Provides statistics and important data on trade fairs 

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World Expo

World Expos, officially known as International Registered Exhibitions take place every five years and are officially defined as “a global gathering of nations dedicated to finding solutions to pressing challenges of our time by offering a journey inside a universal theme through engaging and immersive activities. World Expos welcome tens of millions of visitors, allow countries to build extraordinary pavilions and transform the host city for years to come.”

DEXIA has participated at several World Expos held across the globe to include China (2010), Italy (2015) and most recently in Dubai (2021) where items from over 50 clients were on display. 


Regionally DEXIA has participated in CARIFESTA, the Caribbean Festival of Arts- a roving multi-disciplinary art festival which has been held in various CARICOM countries since its establishment in 1972. It is  a Regional forum where artists, performers and  other  persons in the  field of  culture meet and  exchange  ideas through presentations  of  music, dance, drama, exhibitions on art, sculpture, poetry and  symposia, among others. 

NDFD Creole in the Streets

Creole in the Streets is an annual exposition organised by the National Development Foundation of Dominica(NDFD) during Dominica’s Independence Season.  Each October, small business owners line Great Malrborough Street in front of NDFD’s office showing off their products and engaging with customers and curious onlookers who learn about their products.  DEXIA partners with NDFD to highlight its services and clients of the Agency as well.

DEXIA Strictly Local

The Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA) hosted it’s first Strictly Local in 2019 during the Christmas Season as a means of promoting locally producted and items and stimulating the economy through the sale of the these items.  Clients were encouraged to package their products as gift packs that could be readily purchased and gifted to loved ones by customers.  Strictly Local is typically held over the course of three days before Christmas (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday).