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Sharon Dennis-Rolle
Export Development Officer (Enterprise) 

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Export Development Officer (Services) 

Export Promotion and Development

The Export Promotion and Development Department (EPDD) seeks to contribute to the expansion of Dominica’s export trade sector through the facilitation of the export of agricultural, agro-processed and manufactured goods as well as services to include creative arts and professional services. Formerly known as the Market Support Services Department (MSSD), the department has embarked on a number of export development initiatives, despite limited financial and human resources. 

 These initiatives include trade shows and trade promotions, institutional development programmes, marketing and business plan development training programmes, crop development interventions, cluster development initiatives (Kalinago Craft, cocoa, hot pepper) product development, market research and market visits, standardisation, and dissemination of Information. The provision of assistance to achieve export growth for the trading sectors has been, and still is fundamental.

How can we help you?

 The Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA) supports Dominican exporters in areas such as 

  • Market Intelligence, 
  • Market Entry Requirements, 
  • Product Identification and Development,
  •  Participation in Trade Fairs/Exhibitions and Promotions, 
  • Organisational Development, Financial Risk Reduction Training and Implementation of Standards.

Multi-Purpose Pack House

Through its Multi Purpose Pack Houses (MPPH) DEXIA actively purses market opportunities for Dominica’s agricultural crops and distributes/exports local Dominical agricultural produce and value added products to local, Regional and international markets.

The MPHH manufactures the following value-added products: frozen dasheen chunks, passion fruit pulp and hot pepper mash.

Dominica boasts a range of exotic, healthy and tasty products grown under very natural conditions.  Dominica’s farmers pride themselves of having a rich agricultural heritage having produced major crops such as vanilla, cocoa, coffee, limes, coconuts, bananas and dasheen.  The MPPH provides an avenue through which the export sector is being developed by means of continuous training,  production, grading and sorting of exportable crops.

DEXIA, through its’s MPPH, also provides continuous training to farmers resulting in sustained growth within the agricultural sector, the adaptation of new technologies and the implementation of food safety and quality standards.

The MPPH is managed by Operations Manager, Bristol Lawrence.

Contact the MMPH
Portsmouth Pack House (767) 275-7092
Roseau Pack House (767) 275-5973

Contact the Roseau Market – (767) 448-2557 

Roseau Market

The New Roseau Market(NRM) was built in 1970 and established by an Act of Parliament (The New Roseau Market Act) in 1971.  It replaced the Old Dawbiney Market in downtown Roseau as the premier retail outlet for fresh produce in the city.  Under the Act, the NRM was given responsibility for the vending and regulation of all marketable commodities within a 1 mile radius of the city of Roseau.  When first established, the Roseau Town Council was assigned management responsibility over the market.  

However in 1986 that function was turned over to DEXIA.  As the Roseau Market Authority, DEXIA is responsible for the strategic direction and overall development of the Market

The market is managed by Superintendent, Kishma Registe-Destouche.

Commercial Department

DEXIA is legally mandated the sole importer of two basic/essential commodities – Bulk Sugar and Bulk Rice. The Agency’s Commercial Department is responsible for the importation and wholesaling of these essential commodities. The warehouse is located adjacent to the Roseau Market on the ground floor of DEXIA’s premises on the Bayfront, where customers purchase wholesale quantities of these items as well as cocoa beans and nutmegs (post Hurricane Maria).

In recent years, DEXIA has taken on the initiative to import fertiliser for sale to farmers at reasonable prices. 

The profits derived from the sale of its commodities finance 95% of the operations of DEXIA, particularly the Export Promotion and Development Department and the Central Services Department.